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"Dwelling Among the Gods" by Vuk Ršumović will premiere at Caravaggio cinema in Rome

Vuk Ršumović's second work, with Fereshteh Hosseini, will be in theaters starting February 12th

A modern Antigone, stuck on the border between two worlds. The one between Serbia and Hungary and the one between the living and the dead.

Vuk Ršumović tells the story of Fereshteh, an Afghan refugee who, together with her family, arrives in Serbia, ready to cross the border into Hungary and start a new life. But once she arrives, she will discover that her younger brother, Ali, drowned a month before and now there is the risk of him being buried as a NN.

And so, Fereshteh's personal battle begins: without documents, she cannot prove her kinship with Ali. It will be a battle against authority, bureaucracy and family. All to give a final, worthy, farewell to her beloved brother.

The Serbian director returns to cinema, after the dazzling debut of "No Once's Child", winner at the Venice Film Festival. “Dwelling Among the Gods” is, in the words of the director, “the true story of an ordinary woman who becomes a heroine of monstrous beauty thanks to her unshakable desire. She is a heroine who has the strength to move mountains, but who, like all of us, does not have the power to change the world we live in."

With a wonderful Fereshteh Hosseini, star of Iranian cinema, in the role of the protagonist, "Dwelling Among the Gods" is a co-production between Serbia, Italy and Croatia.

Produced by BaBoon Production (Serbia), Nightswim and Kinorama (Croatia) with the support of the Ministry of Culture, Film Center Serbia, Croatian Audiovisual Center Europe Creative Media and Eurimages.


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