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Io e il Secco at the CINÈ in Riccione

On Wednesday, 5 July, at the 12th edition of Cinè – Cinema Days in Riccione, the director Gianluca Santoni and the actors Andrea Lattanzi and Francesco Lombardo presented the new Nightswim film Io e il Secco (Me And Lanky), produced in cooperation with Rai Cinema.

(foto: Gianluca Santoni, Andrea Lattanzi and Francesco Lombardo)

The presentation, hosted by the Emilia Romagna Film Commission in the Rough Cut and More section, aroused great interest from the public.

Io e il Secco tells the story of Denny, a 10-year-old boy, who devises an infallible plan to save his mother from his father's violence: to have his father killed by a super killer. The search leads him to Sergio, known as Lanky, a guy who only has a threatening look, tattoos and a desperate need for money. Through their encounter, the two face together what it means to be a man, the fear and mystery that unites and separates fathers and sons.

(foto: Andrea Lattanzi and Francesco Lombardo)

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