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A Special Commendation "A Look Into the Future" for Gianluca Santoni

The young director won a special "A Look Into the Future" commendation from the Hollywood Reporter for his debut film "My Killer Buddy" (Io e il Secco).

This commendation is awarded for the best debut film in the competition and non-competitive part of the program of "Alice nella città" (Alice in the City).

The jury consisting of Concita De Gregorio (president), Paola Natalicchio (journalist), Francesca Mazzoleni (director of Punta Sacra, Supersex), Noemi (singer) and Michela Cescon (actress and director) explained their decision this way: "Thanks to the strong auteur stamp, shots that clearly describe the characters and continuity with the best tradition of Italian cinema, the special commendation of the Hollywood Reporter "A Look Into the Future" is awarded to director Gianluca Santoni for the film 'My Killer Buddy' hoping he continues his research, in anticipation of his next ventures."


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