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In the Name of Gerry Conlon in theatres from April 11

The tour in the Italian cinemas of the documentary film In the Name of Gerry Conlon begins at the Arlecchino Cinema in Milan on April 11. It is directed by Lorenzo Moscia (the guest in the cinema), a true story which the film In the Name of the Father, the winner of Golden Bear in 1994, was inspired by.

In the Name of Gerry Conlon lucidly reveals the biggest miscarriage of justice of the British judicial system of the modern era. In 1974, in a pub in Guildford, near London, an IRA bombing killed 5 people and injured 65. First Gerry Conlon, Paul Hill, Paddy Armstrong and Carole Richardson had been convicted, and then seven other people that were considered to be their accomplices, including Joseph, Conlon's father. All of them were innocent.

The film distributed by Nightswim in collaboration with Amnesty International Italy will be screened in various Italian cities.


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