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Music by Dade and Santi Francesi for "Io e il Secco"

Davide Pavanello, aka Dade, signs his first original soundtrack for Gianluca Santoni's debut film, "Io e il Secco".

Dade is a musician of many souls. He was once a bassist in the legendary Linea 77, more recently in Salmo's band, but he is also a producer who moves with agility between genres. Among many original compositions, the soundtrack also includes a classic of the Italian music: Sere Nere by Tiziano Ferro re-interpreted by Santi Francesi (The French Saints), the duo that won X Factor 2022 edition. An intimate, seductive and intense version which confirms the talent of the pop duo.

in photo: I Santi francesi

Santi Francesi are Alessandro De Santis and Mario Francese. Their music represents a vision of the world that blends romance, sensuality, the vital impulse and need for isolation.

The film is a production of Nightswim with Rai Cinema in co-production with Antitalent (Croatia) in association with Sajamafilms with the contribution of the Italian Ministry of Culture and the support of the Emilia-Romagna Region through Emilia Romagna Film Commission winner of the best subject award at the Premio Solinas 2017.

in photo: Dade


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