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The filming of "Melting of The Ruler" has started in Naples

While the city is filled with colors for the celebration of the Cup, the filming of "Melting of The Ruler" has begun, directed by the Montenegrin director Ivan Salatić. It is taking place in very suggestive locations in and around #Naples thanks to the fruitful collaboration with the Campania Region Film Commission.

The story set in the mid-19th century follows a visionary ruler from the Balkans who, with the excuse that the Mediterranean climate could relieve his chronic illness, seeks inspiration from the rich local culture and history to modernize his country.

The feature film is a co-production of Nightswim with Meander Film (Montenegro), Non-Aligned Films (Serbia), Dinaridi Film (Croatia) and Bocalupo Films (France). The project obtained the Selective Grant for Minority Co-productions (#MIC), the support of the Campania Region Film Commission (through the Campania Cinema Plan), the contribution of the European Co-Development by #Media, as well as the contribution of #Eurimages to co-productions.


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